Upon The Elysian Fields


Upon The Elysian Fields

«Upon The Elysian Fields» is an account of the elder days or the first age of the pagan past. Recorded back in November 2004 at W.A.R. Studio in Austria. Contains 4 three inch CD-Rs:

  • 3″ CD-R I: «Under The Cold Stars Before The Rising Of The Moon»
  • 3″ CD-R II: «God Tears (Oh… Rain, Rain, Rain…)»
  • 3″ CD-R III: «On An Evening Of Autumn»
  • 3″ CD-R IV: «Return To The Sea Of Flames»

The acknowledged Austrian project Uruk-Hai presents its pagan-fantasy album… 4 songs on each album, coming on 3″ CD-R in one box with pagan runic artwork.


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