T’an! Kaven!! Ash!!!, an independent subdivision of The Eastern Front label, was established in 2006 and is located in Israel. T’an! Kaven!! Ash!!! releases experimental, avant-garde, industrial, noise music in limited editions and small quantities of copies.

Among our artists are acknowledged ones like Mauricio Bianci, Kenji Siratori, Refuse To Die, Kadaver, Uruk-Hai and less known but extremely talented ones like Kreuzer, NRYY, Goel haDam, M87 and more.

Having released 31 albums from 2006 till 2009 we decided to make a few years break, however, in 2013 we returned with the “The Piper At The Gates Of Donna” album by astonishing “Refuse To Die”. We continue releasing albums for now though in slower tempo but selecting only fine unusual and novice albums for the production.


In the past, together with Israeli label “Tophet Prophet” we organized a few gigs. Here below are a few photos from those concerts.

Noisemass 2005 24.12.05.

Noise. IL 25.03.06.

Ganzer, Kadaver, Kreuzer 07.07.07.

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