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Ash!!! 036
14 February 2018

Celebrating 10th anniversary since «Kadaver’s valentine’s greetings» release, new album is out now! New release that comes in DVD box with 8 different colors CDs: purple red pink yellow blue orange green Featuring seven



Ash!!! 035
July 2015

Another fine industrial album «Gedem» by Goel haDam, the side project of acknowledged Israeli industrial avant-garde artist Refuse To Die, is just released by T’an! Kaven!! Ash!!! Comes in white digipack with industrial style



Ash!!! 034
July 2015

Beautiful dark ambient, with oriental touches and industrial sounds album composed and played by Iranian project M87. Comes in white digipack with styled artwork inspired by Persian architecture and landscapes. About M87 M87 band


The Penguin

Ash!!! 031
November 2009

Weird experimental work «The Penguin» of acknowledged Israeli industrial avant-garde project Refuse To Die. The conceptual album consists of four parts: «The Penguin: Spring», «The Penguin: Summer», «The Penguin: Autumn» and «The Penguin: Winter».



Ash!!! 027
July 2009

The newest work of Israeli power-electronics and ambient project Kreuzer—mini-album «Lilium» is out now. It is the second mini-album released on T’an! Kaven!! Ash!!! following «Noises Of Independence» released in 2008 on T’an! Kaven!!

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