Released by T'an! Kaven!! Ash!!!


Some Animals Are Equal

Ash!!! 012
July 2007

New mini album of one of the most powerful and energetic noise artists of underground Israeli scene. Kadaver is one man project of Michael Zolotov—musician and surrealistic artist.


On The Sacred Fires

Ash!!! 011
April 2007

Germetick Harsh Ambient conceptual mini album by Ganzer. Ganzer is a side project of one of the members of acknowledged Russian darkfolk project Majdanek Waltz. «On The Sacred Fires» is one long piece of


The Fear

Ash!!! 10
August 2007

The poem of Edgar Allan Poe «A Dream Within A Dream» catches what the fear is all about, prepare for a dive into gloomy nightmares of obscure and disturbing images and ritualistic dark ambient



Ash!!! 09
July 2007

Militant industrial album + 6 bonus tracks. Limited in total to 231 hand numbered copies. 77 copies (Series 1) come on black CD-R 77 copies (Series 2) come on red CD-R 77 copies (Series


Human Exit

Ash!!! 08
February 2007

Mini album from the pioneer of Cyberpunk scene. …writing style that not only breaks with tradition, it severs all cords, and can only really be compared to the kind of experimental writing techniques employed

Act Of Creation

Ash!!! 07
December 2006

Accomplice Affair is dark ambient project which was formed in February of the year 2005. First material was recorded in April 2006 year at P.P.R. Home Studio in Ostrow Wlkp, Poland. The material for



Ash!!! 06
September 2006

Shadow Theater is an acknowledged power noise project from Germany. «One bullet in the head of every child abuser»… Conceptual album of Shadow Theater, a fusion of two German acts Flutwacht and Vincenzo Bossi.


Music For Theatre

Ash!!! 05
August 2006

A project commissioned from Stephan Friedman (Silence & Strength, Antiochus) to Notzar Theatre for the play «Stom!». «Stom!» (Shut up!) is an absurd play about absurd life. It tells the tale of a person

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